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At the core of Ivy Groupe's work with clients is an emphasis on authenticity.

This comes from a deep-rooted belief that every single person who is applying to business school has a unique and compelling story to tell.

  • If you want to stand out, you need to be true to yourself.  What you have gone through in your life – in school, personally, at the workplace – is what makes you YOU.  There is no other person in this world who has walked in your shoes, had your exact experiences, and seen the world from your eyes.  Admissions Committees want to understand the living person beyond the two-dimensional application.

  • If you want to differentiate yourself, you need to approach the application process with your heart.  Business school applications are really more about the why than the what.  What will really set your applications apart is providing color on why something has been instrumental in shaping you or why something means so much to you. 

  • If you want to be memorable, the human element must come through.  Business schools want a diverse class of students who are able to deeply reflect upon and share their experiences with their classmates and the broader community.  By being authentic, you will show that you are human and demonstrate how you will be able to uniquely contribute to business school programs.

With this strategy, Ivy Groupe's clients have been able to maximize their chances of gaining acceptance to their dream business schools.


Is it your turn? 

There are several ways to work with Ivy Groupe, listed below.  If you are interested in any of our services below, please contact our office.

Comprehensive Packages

With our Comprehensive Packages, you will have guidance on your MBA application(s) from start to finish - this includes digging deeper into your background, application story/strategy, school selection, recommender selection and guidance, resume review, essay strategy and review, application short answer review, interview prep, and waitlist strategy.  

Our process starts with a free, 20 minute, 1-on-1 consultation with Shaifali, our Founder/CEO.  During the consultation, you will receive a diagnostic of your candidacy as well as an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses.  To request your free consultation, please click here - we look forward to hearing from you.

Once you have been engaged as a client, either Shaifali or an Ivy Groupe MBA Admissions Consultant will collaborate with you to systematically craft your entire application utilizing our customized, proprietary process. In addition, access to Ivy Groupe's products is included in all Comprehensive Packages.

Shaifali's (Founder) Pricing:
  • Quote provided during consultation - most popular package (5 schools) is priced in the mid ten thousand dollar range


Ivy Groupe MBA Admissions Consultant Pricing (buy upfront and save):
  • 1 School   - $4,995

  • 2 Schools - $6,795

  • 3 Schools - $8,595

  • 4 Schools - $10,395

  • 5 Schools - $12,195 (most popular)

  • 6 Schools - $13,995

  • Each additional school thereafter - $1,800

  • Each additional school if purchased after the engagement begins - $2,100


Hourly Services

With our Hourly Services, we will collaborate with you on whichever parts of your MBA application(s) that you need guidance on, such as application story/strategy, resume, essays, recommendation letters, interview prep, and waitlist strategy.  In addition, we offer Pre-MBA guidance through our Hourly Services.

Shaifali's (Founder) Pricing:
  • Standard: $550/hour (review of materials in 2 business days); $500/hour for purchase of 5+ hours

  • Expedited: Seeking feedback within 24 hours?  Contact our office to learn more about our Expedited Hourly Services

Ivy Groupe MBA Admissions Consultant Pricing:
  • Standard: $375/hour (review of materials in 2 business days); $350/hour for purchase of 5+ hours

  • Expedited: Seeking feedback within 24 hours?  Contact our office to learn more about our Expedited Hourly Services

HBS Interview Prep Package

The HBS Interview is unique in that it is not "blind" (i.e. it is conducted by a member of the Admissions Committee who has read your entire application) and there is a post-interview reflection; as a result, the interview is very customized to your own background, story, and narrative.  Work directly with Shaifali (our Founder/CEO and an HBS graduate who collaborated with the HBS Admissions Office as a student) as you prepare for your HBS interview.  The HBS Interview Prep Package includes the following:

  • Initial discussion on how to approach the interview and post-interview reflection

  • Review of application and preparation of questions for mock interview

  • One mock interview + feedback

  • Post-interview reflection feedback

Shaifali's (Founder) Pricing:
  • $1,795

Customized Services

Is there an additional service that you are looking for?  Please contact our office to let us know how we can help you.