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Our Values

Since inception, Ivy Groupe's modus operandi has been in-depth customer service – we care deeply about our clients, which is why our clients always have our full attention.  Our process is very collaborative; we engage in an interactive dialogue with clients to craft the most authentic and compelling applications.


Throughout all of our endeavors, we are guided by our core values:

  • Commitment - we are deeply committed to your success; we believe in you and your candidacy, otherwise we wouldn’t take you on as a client.  We also adhere to the highest ethical standards in all of the work that we do.  

  • Focus on authenticity - your unique attributes, your strengths (and yes, even your flaws!) are what make you YOU.  We will strive to push you to think deeply to capture who you are in order to craft the most authentic and compelling applications.

  • Empowerment - we will provide you with the tools you need to draw upon your own authentic story in order to succeed.

  • Partnership - we highly value collaborating as partners, respecting each other's input, in our pursuit towards achieving the best results.

  • Open discussion and dialogue - we will have open and honest discussions throughout the engagement so that you can put your best foot forward.

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