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Berkeley Haas MBA Program: Four Defining Leadership Principles

As part of the “unique ecosystem of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley,” Berkeley Haas, the business school at the University of California, Berkeley, attracts many candidates each year.  Its culture rests upon four defining leadership principles, which are important to be aware of and to incorporate into your applications when applying to the MBA program.  Do you know what they are?

Question the status quo

Berkeley Haas encourages its students and faculty to challenge the status quo and think critically about the world around them. This means questioning assumptions, seeking out new perspectives, and exploring alternative viewpoints. By embracing this principle, Berkeley Haas aims to foster a culture of innovation and creativity that helps students become leaders who are willing to take risks and think differently.

Confidence without attitude

Berkeley Haas values confidence, but not at the expense of respect and humility. This means that students and faculty should have the confidence to speak up and share their ideas, but also be open to feedback and willing to listen to others. By embracing this principle, Berkeley Haas aims to create a culture of mutual respect and collaboration, where everyone's ideas are valued and considered.

Students always

Berkeley Haas is committed to putting its students first and providing them with the best possible business education. This means focusing on student development, providing personalized support, and offering a wide range of opportunities for students to grow and learn. By embracing this principle, Berkeley Haas aims to create a supportive and empowering environment that fosters curiosity and helps students achieve their full potential.

Beyond yourself

Berkeley Haas encourages its students and faculty to think beyond themselves and make a positive impact on the world. This means considering the long-term consequences of business decisions, being mindful of social and environmental issues, and taking a leadership role in driving change. By embracing this principle, Berkeley Haas aims to create a culture of purpose and impact, where students and faculty are driven by a desire to make a difference.

These four defining principles – questioning the status quo, confidence without attitude, students always, and beyond yourself – are at the heart of Berkeley Haas' culture and approach to business education. By embracing these principles, Berkeley Haas aims to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, support, and purpose that helps its students become leaders who are prepared to make a positive impact in the world!

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